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Business Services to Meet Today’s Real-Time Realities in Banking & Finance

Today’s banking and financial institutions are constantly challenged to offer a world-class experience to demanding customers with changing needs. Speed-to-market is an imperative for competitiveness in today’s crisis-prone reality.

To help you achieve such response levels, Encore moves to rapidly evolve appropriate solution-and-capability offerings that work seamlessly across branch, telephone, Internet and mobile channels, embracing emerging technologies, such as cloud computing.

Encore offers an array of business services that help your banking and financial operations to deliver the real-time information (that your customers now expect) and enables you to bring new products to market quickly and efficiently.

These proven services are designed to meet your multiple challenges of intense competition, reduced margins, and increased customer expectations by giving you a unique competitive advantage built upon intelligent technologies – which means you can look forward to tangible business results like improved profitability and an extended customer base every year.

Professional Services

With a wealth of experience in working with leading banks and financial institutions, and years of expertise in implementing a comprehensive range of services and solutions, Encore Theme is adept in producing business results that impact your bottom line – by helping you in balancing investments, increasing operational efficiencies, reducing risk and sustaining cost effectiveness.

Encore Theme provides a totally reliable combination of highly skilled resources across the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) Domain and Technology.

Our Domain Consultants include specialists in the areas of Commercial / Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Trade Finance, Treasury, Cooperative Banking, Microfinance and Non Banking Financial Services.

Our Technical Consultants includes Architects, Analysts, and Programmers in Microsoft Visual Basic, SQL Database, jBASE etc.

Our Project Managers includes PMP Certified individuals and highly skilled IT Professionals with decades of Experience.

Consulting Services

Encore Theme Consulting Practice offers you access to our extensive repository of Best Practices by leveraging our proven domain and technology expertise in Banking and Financial Services.

In a consulting relationship, we partner with you to understand and address your special needs. We work in open consultation with you to devise best-in-class solution options and chart the best course of action to implement the selected strategy across your organization. Our integrated BFS consulting and IT services will bring stability and consistency to your strategic programs.

Our competencies include:

Enterprise Application Integration

Banks and financial institutions are implementing independent applications from multiple vendors for their dynamically changing business requirements. These applications are often not integrated with each other and with the back office system.

The design of best-of-breed architecture for integrating disparate and distributed systems is Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). It essentially performs three functions – reduces the complexity of your IT framework, provides a step improvement in its efficiency, flexibility and scalability; and supports new enterprise initiatives.

Our services include:

Application Services

Encore Theme has the skills to create innovative custom applications, providing full lifecycle support – from concept through delivery.

Banking and financial clients can expect to use our service portfolio to evolve applications that capitalize on modern technologies to maintain your competitive advantage, increase the returns from your applications investments, or align applications with your enterprise architecture. You can work confidently with our experts to increase speed of development without compromising quality and security, or develop applications that lower your total cost of ownership.

Encore Theme offers a rich blend of application services. We can work collaboratively with Core Banking Solution Providers and System Integrators. We have expertise in the areas of Commercial / Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Trade Finance, Treasury, Cooperative Banking, Microfinance and Non Banking Financial Services.

We can put into practice our own proven process-driven methodology or we can adapt to any partner’s methodology and processes.

Our capability range includes:


Offshore Development

The global market has become very competitive and smart enterprises are shifting their software development processes to offshore locations to get the twin advantages of lower software development cost and high quality software development work.

We provide offshore software development services on leading technology platforms and on legacy systems. We are fully equipped with the necessary resources in terms of both domain expertise and technology skills. Our software development engineers are very skilled in their areas of expertise and are committed to providing the highest possible quality of service. Our team consists of highly educated and experienced professionals and team leaders.

We have in place Industry Standard Processes, Systems and Documented Procedures covering the entire Software Development Life Cycle [SDLC].

We provide services that cover the entire life-cycle of the offshore development process, which includes consulting, management, development, deployment, maintenance, and support.

Our services include:

Business Services to Meet Today’s Real-Time Realities in Banking & Finance

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