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Cost-Saving Business Process Outsourcing Services that Combine Design, Operation, Metrics and Performance Improvement

Encore’s Business Process Outsourcing Services are a cost-saving combination of design, operation, measurement and improvement of business processes, effectively enabled by technology.

Encore Pierian’s skilled professionals are adept in Business Process Re-engineering and implementing solutions for F&A, HR and associated business support functions. Through rapid and practical application of Six Sigma methodologies, Enterprise Internal Controls and Risk Management, we enable clients to achieve clear benefits through:

Our Process Delivery team is experienced in:

Our unique approach to Business Process Outsourcing Services evolves from a blend of deep consulting knowledge with our transaction processing expertise, which formulates our best practice “Understand, Enable and Implement & Improve” methodology.

Best Practice Methodology


Identify Key Objectives of the Programme

Identify Stakeholders

Identify Critical Business Function & processes

Document AS IS Documentation


Enable Definitive and realistic project plans

Enable Process Controls by comprehensive Risk Assessment

Document an improved TO BE process

Enable Mitigation Plans

Enable implementation road maps

Implement & Improve

Defined & detailed migration plans

Assist the delivery team in implementation

Introduce process assessment measure like control performance metrics and KPI

Periodic assessments to improve

Cost-Saving Business Process Services that Combine Design, Operation, Metrics and Performance Improvement

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