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Meeting the Business Challenge of Large-Scale Financial Inclusion

India has the highest number of households (145 million) that are excluded from the banking system. ThemePro DSB (Door Step Banking) provides business solutions to banks and financial institutions – enabling them to take their financial products and services to the doorstep of millions of unbanked and under-banked households across India.

In order to make complete financial inclusion a reality, ThemePro DSB leverages the latest technologies for biometric authentication and authorization of the business correspondent and the customers – meeting the challenges of large-scale financial inclusion. ThemePro DSB has been specially designed to facilitate payment and banking services in remote areas and also for migrant laborers (often from rural areas) in urban and semi-urban areas. It is a unique business solution geared to address branchless banking and mobile banking requirements, including front-end customer service touchpoints, powerful backend systems, customer registration, cash settlement, and MIS reporting. It is a one-stop solution to address the needs of institutions dedicated to social

From Customer Touchpoint to Back-End Processing – A Fully Integrated Business Service Enabler

ThemePro DSB enables a financial institution to automate their field activities. A handheld device is capable of delivering all the functionalities of mortgage loan collections of a financial institution.

It extends the branch operations to a large number of individuals in remote areas. The software-hardware platform functions like an extended arm of a branch aiding the field officers of Retail Banks, Cooperative Banks, microfinance institutions etc.

ThemePro DSB has two well-integrated components that enable complete support from customer touchpoint to back-end processing. Data is captured at the field level and at the origination point – ensuring timeliness and detail specificity

ThemePro DSB Functional Architecture

ThemePro Handheld POS Client Software is deployed in POS Devices. The Handheld POS Device can be carried by travelling Customer Relationship officers to capture spot transactions on the field.

The device provides officers the freedom to acquire, process and verify biometric data on the move – and conveniently undertake secure biometric transactions wherever they are while providing the transaction report at the time of the transaction.

The ThemePro Controller is deployed at a Processing Center. The ThemePro DSB Controller works as an intermediate and back-end system for capturing all field activities performed using the devices either through on-line GPRS connectivity or off-line on end-of-the-day interfaces. It can be integrated with the bank’s Core Banking System or any back-end system used by financial institutions.

Key Benefits

Meeting the Business Challenge of Large-Scale Financial Inclusion

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