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An Out- of-the-Box Approach to Increase Transparency, Flexibility and Student Mobility

Need for an ERP for Education Institutions

Education in today’s world has become highly competitive and so the institutions have also become highly student oriented. So, in order to be different and ready for action the institutions need a central resource planning that can manage their entire information and operations.

The basic challenges for an Institution

The basic challenge for an institution is to centralize, track, and resolve student issues, manage the various operations and information in a flawless manner and deliver quality & result oriented education. On a day to day basis, these are some of the basic problems faced by an institution:

Traditional choices are time consuming and cost oriented, like an accounts office for fee collection and payments, teachers managing attendance and records of tests and grades, an examination department that manages the record of students’ performance and prepares report cards and grade sheets, a general admin department that brings out various notices for the students and the staff, a head committee comprising the Director, the Principal and the academic Chairperson who in general coordinate the entire functioning of the institution.

An out of the box approach

Encore Globals cloud based ERP – educube - can increase the Institution’s transparency, flexibility and student mobility, by automating its business processes and centralizing the institution’s data.

Education Institutions have huge budgets for maintaining student records in traditional formats which involves a great deal of tedious processes. In order to manage student records, the student information system has become a critical element of any institution’s business-application systems.

The Management of the Institution needs to be more accountable for business aspects of the institute. Along with this, the widespread use of Internet, has hiked students’ expectation of technology services. Seamless communication with the parents becomes crucial as parents have to be kept updated about their wards performance and related information.

Educube equips your institute to be more effective and competitive in the global world of delivery of education. It aims at reducing the gap between information and the users and ensures that there is seamless flow of information.

An Out- of-the-Box Approach to Increase Transparency, Flexibility and Student Mobility

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