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Robust Home Loan Full Life-cycle Management with Built-in Core Banking Support

Home buying is a critical decision for anyone. The home buyer’s intentions and capability to meet the needs of the lending lifecycle need to be accurately assessed and captured in the lending institution’s database as a digital application, fulfilling the right official and functional procedures at both ends. Themepro HomeFin is a solution custom-built for this task. Easy to install, use and maintain, it is a reliable system backed by expertise in the loan management process. It is designed to increase your business productivity, cut your operating costs and increase your profits.

ThemePro HomeFin Solution Architecture

ThemePro HomeFin consists of three purpose-built components to manage the entire life-cycle of a home loan – loan origination process, loan management, credit monitoring and collection management. A built-in industrial strength core banking component is the Financial Accounting System. The combination of robust features provides customers with a complete home loans management solution with value-added extensions for doorstep banking.

ThemePro HomeFin is built on top of a smart workflow and document management component that automatically generates all the statutory reports. The system includes a comprehensive Loan Management segment with well-integrated components covering the end-to-end lifecycle operations of a housing finance company.

Loan Origination
A workflow-driven loan processing solution covering the complete lending process from applicant data collection to loan disbursement.

Loan Management and Financial Accounting System
A web-enabled facility for automating the back-office operations of repayment cycle management for multiple home loan products.

Credit Monitoring
Facilitates the management, maintenance and control of credit portfolios from the sanctioning stage till closure.

Collection Management
A web-based and workflow driven solution that allows a housing finance company to control the delinquent loan accounts and automate the collection process.

All of these modules have been designed from the ground up to look alike, act alike and work alike. Seamlessly integrated, they allow staff to access all vital information using all of the tools that are needed to easily process home loans from origination through servicing.

Robust Home Loan Full Life-cycle Management with Built-in Core Banking Support

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