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ThemePro Lending Solution

homethemepro lending solution

Lending gets a Competitive Edge with Expertise

Developed with many years of business experience, ThemePro Lending solution has evolved to be one of the leading lending software platforms available today. It is geared to assist lenders to take full advantage of the opportunities presented within different market spaces. Ease of use, smooth workflow and document processes, flexible design and seamless integration with internal and external systems alike are the hallmarks of this solution. All this is backed by an impressive set of consulting, development and integration skills that ensure that each client’s competitive edge is kept as sharp as ever, year after year.

ThemePro Lending Solution Architecture

ThemePro Lending solution is a user-friendly, web-based software platform that enables financial institutions to manage the complete lifecycle of loan products, from application initiation to disbursement and collection, using an intelligent workflow technology.

A built-in Financial Accounting System updates transactions in real-time to the General Ledger. The solution automates the collection process by efficiently managing, monitoring and controlling delinquent loan accounts. It is built on top of a workflow and document management component and generates all the statutory reports.

All-in-one Solution For A More Responsive Loan Management Function

ThemePro Lending solution includes a comprehensive Loan Management segment with well-integrated components covering the end-to-end lifecycle operations of a finance company.

Loan Origination
A workflow-driven loan processing solution covering the complete lending process from applicant data collection to loan disbursement

Loan Management, Collection and Financial Accounting
A web-enabled application for automating the back office operations of repayment cycle management for multiple loan products

Credit Management
Facilitates the management, maintenance and control of credit portfolios from the sanctioning stage till closure

Loan Origination

The Loan Origination System (LOS) is designed to support the loan processing solutions of all Themepro products – with variations. LOS applies workflow technology to control and monitor the many work steps in loan processing and it is coupled with a digital document management system to reduce delays and inefficiency in handling paper documents.

LOS has an intuitive user interface with configurable dashboards that allow users to review the status of loan applications conveniently. You can configure most frequently used views on a dashboard thus allowing for quick and easy access.

LOS automates the complete activities involved in processing all the loan products from the enquiry of the loan till disbursement. All activities involved in the processing are assigned to the people concerned as per configurable business rules. LOS includes alerts for a person to complete an activity in an assigned time with automatic escalations to higher levels on non-completion.

LOS covers the following processes:

Loan Management, Collection and Financial Accounting

The Loan Management & Collection and Financial Accounting system gives you control over the complete lending process – customer acquisition, loan appraisal, disbursement and collection.

The Loan Management & Collection and Financial Accounting system manages the full flow of loan portfolios that span processes from loan disbursement to loan closure – with integrated linking to complete financial accounting operations.

Credit Management

The Credit Management System (CMS) is a purpose-designed credit monitoring component that allows all kinds of banking and financial companies to manage, monitor and control the performance of their assets in a proactive way to prevent them from turning into non-performing assets (NPAs).

By configuring appropriate rules and conditions for customer accounts, the system provides you with a series of early warning alerts of potential defaulters – saving you from potential losses.

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Lending gets a Competitive Edge with Expertise

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