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Supporting Remote Microfinance Field Operations at Low Cost

For microfinance institutions, reaching unbanked households that are often in remote environments (with severely limited connectivity) is a challenging task.

To bring financial services to those who need it most, ThemePro MicroFin offers a reliable end-to-end microfinance banking solution that can be accessed through point-of-sale devices and other wireless handsets over existing networks, with support for field activities (carried out through Hand-Held Devices – or HHDs) being integrated in on-line or off-line modes.

ThemePro MicroFin is designed as an all-in-one solution that completely meets the life-cycle needs of all kinds of microfinance operations. It empowers you with innovative loan management software tools to engage with borrowers with diverse needs and social groupings. With data about your lending customers in one place, regardless of the point of origination or loan type, you can reduce risk, gain processing efficiencies and use information more effectively across your business.

Developed with many years of business experience, Themepro MicroFin is robust and field-proven. It is geared to assist micro-lenders to take full advantage of the opportunities presented within varied and dispersed market spaces.

The software platform is a web-based facility covering the complete microfinance institution lifecycle operations from Customer acquisition, Shares Management, Savings / Deposits Management and Loan Processing to closure of loans, correspondence with the customers, follow up and recovery of loans.

Microfinance Solutions Architecture

Manage Diverse Social Groupings – Address Customer Needs More Efficiently

The customer-centric business operations performed in ThemePro MicroFin include a flexible range of processing options.

Group / Individual Customer
The system has in-built capabilities to offer banking products for individuals as well as groups. It enables your customers to set up group meetings and schedules synchronization of operations — providing friendly integration of group meetings with group loan schedule for repayments.

Flexibility and convenience
With easy access to multiple delivery channels, your customers can access the financial services of their choice at their convenience. This means you can offer them faster and convenient processing of transactions, loans and member registration, and work out schemes of flexible interest rates and rescheduling of loans for individual customers as well as groups.

Get Total Control of Your Loan Management Lifecycle

ThemePro MicroFin handles the complete micro-loan management lifecycle – from the stage of customer acquisition and loan appraisal to disbursement and collection. The system includes a comprehensive Loan Management segment with well-integrated components covering the end-to-end lifecycle operations of a microfinance company.

Reporting Engine
The reporting engine is designed to provide the clients with information for operational control, management control and strategic planning.

ThemePro MicroFin is integrated with a robust Credit Management System that allows microfinance institutions to manage, monitor and control the performance of their assets in a proactive way – thus helping to prevent them from turning into non-performing assets (NPA).

ThemePro MicroFin is also integrated with ThemePro Door Step Banking (DSB) – a system that helps to automate the field activities of financial institutions.

Supporting Remote Microfinance Field Operations at Low Cost

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