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Taking M-Business to the Next Level of Business Accessibility with Anytime-Anywhere Applications

The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices today compels businesses to reach out through this important channel to engage customers, whether it’s at home, at work or while travelling. In this competitive market, every business will need to focus on continually improving the mobile customer experience and adjusting to the changing landscape.

Encore Mofirst offers solutions across a wide cross-section of industry verticals. Purpose-built business solutions include Mobile and WAP applications, M-commerce, M-ticketing, SMS solutions, SMSC and USSD based operator services. These solutions are available on all current mobile platforms (J2ME Development, Symbian Development, Android Development, iPhone Development, Windows Mobile and Brew) and function across all the existing bearers (SMS, GPRS and Voice).

Special-purpose applications have been developed for platforms like Oracle, and for targeted business segments like Malls, Restaurants, Share Market Agents and Travel Agencies.

Enterprise Application

Oracle Apps is an interactive mobile application for Oracle users. Obtain Purchase Order (PO) approvals from people even when travelling. Unlike the existing standard workflow approval solution which requires approvers to log into the apps, this solution will offer all data for review on mobile devices.

Unique Features
Platform : BlackBerry

Mall Directory

MIDAS (Mall Information Directory Application Solution) is an interactive mobile application with maps, information directory and parking information that helps you to navigate easily through the areas inside a mall. Offering clear location guidance maps and commercial information interactively, it allows mall visitors to find their way around, enjoy their experience and benefit from the best sales offers.

Unique Features
Platform : iOS


With the Publication App Platform, we can rapidly generate digital magazines and ebooks with enhanced facilities for reading.

Unique Features
Platform : iOS, Android, BlackBerry
Offers a choice of functions such as:

… and many more

Mobile Banking Application

Recent studies show that personal financial management activities rank high among preferred mobile activities of consumers who accept mobile marketing. PayNow is a mobile payment platform that enables merchants to receive payments via mobile phone – anytime, anywhere – using the following payment modes:

PayNow IVR enables payments over the phone just by entering card details on a keypad of any landline or mobile phone. PayNow has the ability to process credit cards without the use of any equipment or software, thereby making any landline or cellular phone a credit card terminal

Unique Features

Key Benefits

Search & Dine

Search & Dine is a restaurant search application that provides a handy restaurant guide covering over 300,000 restaurants to please your taste buds and also to help you to home in on any desired food venue near your location.

Integrated with Google Maps, Search & Dine also helps you find the shortest route to get there faster.

Key benefits

Travel & Tourism

Encore Mofirst has developed a solution for the travel and tourism industry that essentially makes access to all travel services possible from one mobile interface.

The flexibly designed architecture can easily be customized for any travel and tourism business. This helps to reduce the time to go live and reduces the overall cost of solution deployment.

Key benefits

Access to information such as Hotel, Flight, Car, Train, Cruise, Holiday Packages information and even Insurance & Forex is built-in. The rich information access distinguishes the application and makes it unique. The unique secure payment facility ensures a safe transaction through credit cards. It supports all popular credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Taking M-Business to the Next Level of Business Accessibility with Anytime-Anywhere Applications

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