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TrackIT launches Corporate Asset Tracking Solution on Cloud

EnTrackAsset provides pay-per-use service with state-of-the-art security norms and 24/7 remote support

May 15, 2012

TrackIT Solutions, pioneer in RFID solutions in the Middle East, launched EnTrackAsset, a complete RFID & Barcode enabled Corporate Asset Tracking Solution on Cloud during the R.F.I.D World Middle East 2012 trade show & exhibition at Abu Dhabi today.

EnTrackAsset is targeted at businesses, facing difficulty in tracking their fixed assets, which may be in a single location or distributed in multiple locations. It delivers the business benefits of effective asset tracking, without the burden of heavy infrastructure and capital investments.

Mr. Soma Sekhar Vedantam, CEO of TrackIT Solutions FZ LLC said, “The application is on the Cloud, so it incurs very little capital expenditure. This is a convenient ‘pay-per-use’ service where the clients can make easy monthly payments. The clients don’t need any other IT infrastructure except a computer and access to the internet. The servers/ data base licenses will be managed by TrackIT. Therefore, practically, the system can be operational right away.”

Emphasizing on the strong uptime for the solution, he explained, “Since the application will be maintained by TrackIT, any issues in the application will be attended to immediately. As the process includes the use of hand held readers, we also provide 24/7 remote support for hand held devices.”

“EnTrackAsset streamlines and automates the process of corporate asset tracking from the asset acquisition stage to its disposal. It helps in effectively managing an organization's physical assets and keeps an effective inventory of assets they own, and how those assets are used throughout. Companies can use EnTrackAsset to reduce their operating costs, decrease maintenance costs, and optimize asset utilization. Our system works great for periodic asset audits. As it is hosted, the updated data can be accessed from anywhere anytime” he added.

How EnTrackAsset works

The system proposed consists of two components: Mobile Handheld readers & Web enabled software application. The web enabled application houses the information about the assets, where as the hand held component would complement this information by providing the necessary accurate and the most ‘current’ information to update the data in the web application. The result is that, the latest up-to-date information about the assets can be pulled from the application at any given time from anywhere, once one has authenticated access to the system.

The assets can be tagged with Ultra High Frequency passive RFID tags or barcodes. The tag IDs are associated with the assets in the system. Once this association is done any reconciliation information on the ground with respect to the assets can be captured on the field by the hand held device and can be synchronized back into the web enabled system thereby ensuring the‘reconciliation’.

About TrackIT

TrackIT is a focused RFID Solutions provider based at Dubai Internet City, Dubai.

TrackIT started its operations in 2004 and has been successful in executing several enterprise RFID projects; most of them are first of its kind in the world.

TrackIT has developed its own solution suites, at its development centers in India, for Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking, People Tracking including Time & Attendance Management, File Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Field Services. Fuel Retail, and RTLS. TrackIT built a solution for Real Time Cargo Tracking and the solution strength has been acknowledged by world leaders in technology. TrackIT’s Application Suite supports industry-specific requirements including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, transportation and logistics, documents and media, banking and finance and can be deployed in either barcode and/or RFID-enabled environments.

TrackIT has built a strong delivery track record, and has strategic associations with several large corporate entities like Motorola, IBM & Microsoft.

For more information, please visit: www.trackitme.com


Globals identified as innovative technology solution provider by Zimbabwe Government to advance their education sector

Solution includes cloud based system with IVRS technology for data collection from rural schools in real time at significantly lower additional infrastructure cost

March 21, 2012
The Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Hon. Prof. Arthur Muthambra visited Globals ITeS Pvt. Ltd., an SME IT company in Bangalore, to sign a pilot project to implement an Outbound IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) Solution along with a cloud based Education Management Information System (EMIS) for 30 rural schools in Zimbabwe.

Globals’ educube IVRS is creating a wave in Zimbabwe using advanced cloud telephony technology to collect data from rural schools by using existing infrastructure – mobile or fixed phones – giving faster and accurate data to policy makers enabling them to take faster and quicker decisions. This technology will be the first of its kind to be implemented in the education sector in the whole of Africa.

Emphasizing the need for ICT for education in Zimbabwe, Hon. Prof. Arthur Muthambra the Deputy Prime Minister said, “We need innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Zimbabwe to standardize and enhance the content, delivery and management of education to global standards. It will help us to pilot & monitor education in rural areas and provide easy access to quality education to the rural masses in every village in our country. We would also like institutions like IIMs to train the talent in Zimbabwe as well as the Southern African Development Community (SADAC) as a whole. We would also like to copy the IIT and IIM framework for higher education in Zimbabwe.”

Speaking about other sectors, he said, “We are lending economic models from India and China. We are looking towards India to develop and technologically empower our retail banking, agro and manufacturing sector. We have also made considerable investments in developing our human capital. So, there is an immense opportunity for the Indian companies in terms of outsourcing major share of their projects and processes to their counterparts in Zimbabwe.”

Suhas Gopinath, the CEO& President of Globals ITeS Pvt. Ltd. said, “Rural Schools in Zimbabwe face inconsistent power supply and poor internet connectivity. But every Headmaster has a mobile phone, and Globals’ cloud based server makes automated phone calls to every Headmaster and guides them through a simple IVRS process to collect data such as daily attendance of both teachers and students, food grains spent for mid-day meals scheme etc., in real time, as compared to the current paper based reporting system which takes nearly six months for policy makers and officials at the ministry level to view and analyze the data.

“We had envisaged this technology with a focus on rural schools in India. Implementing this technology in Zimbabwe is definitely a milestone in itself and a launchingpad to expand our services to countries worldwide”, he added.

About Globals

Globals ITeS, a multinational IT company, provides cost effective world class enterprise IT solutions for the education sector. Its products include cloud based ERP system, IVRS for schools, Online Teacher Training Portal and Web 2.0 solutions. Globals was started in the year 2000 by Suhas Gopinath (now 26-years-old) at the age of 14 from a cyber cafe in Bangalore. Suhas Gopinath was recognized as the World’s Youngest CEO and is now the Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and also the ICT Advisory Board Member of World Bank. Globals has grown exponentially from a small home office to a globally recognized multinational company offering world-class quality solutions in Web, e-Commerce, and Mobile technology. Today, Globals develops mission critical applications on the web for various sectors including Education, Finance and Governments. http://www.globalsinc.com/

Hon. Prof. Arthur Muthambra

The Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Zimbabwe Hon. Prof. Arthur Muthambra has worked in McKinsey, and has been a professor at MIT and Oxford before joining politics to reform Zimbabwe's economy crisis. Now aged 45, he is a young global leader of World Economic Forum.


Globals Secures Funding from Two Strategic Foreign Investors

July 14, 2011

Globals ITeS Pvt. Ltd., which specializes in developing world-class quality technology solutions for the Education space along with Web, e-Commerce, and Mobile based solutions, has secured strategic investments from two strategic investors, Encore Operating Partners, Mauritius, and Commonwealth Education Trust, UK.

The investments will facilitate Globals to dilute about 38 per cent stakes to Commonwealth Education Trust and Encore Operating Partners. This is the first time that Globals is securing an investment from strategic investors.

“Globals has carved a name in the education domain globally. The funds will go towards developing cloud-based products in the Education Space such as ERP Systems for K-12 Educational Institutions, low-cost Tablet PCs and Online Teacher Training platforms. We are very happy that top investment firms have invested in Globals. This is a testimony of our achievements, and thus to take forward our vision to use technology as an enabler to make quality education accessible and affordable at bottom of the pyramid” says Suhas Gopinath, Chairman & CEO, Globals.

The UK-based 1886 Investments Limited is the operating and investment arm of The Commonwealth Education Trust, founded in 1886 by Prince Edward, Prince of Wales, later to become Edward VII of England. “1886 is seeking to establish long-term commercial partnerships through investment in organisations that support the education sector, have the right leadership and have potential for growth; I believe that Globals is exactly such an organization,” notes John Picknett, Managing Director, 1886 Investments Ltd.

Encore Operating Partners, Mauritius, was founded by 3 industry veterans as a unique ecosystem for entrepreneurial growth companies.

“Suhas Gopinath and his team at Globals have created a unique organization built on Passion, Commitment & Belief in their mission. Their entrepreneurial energy and zeal has permitted this 20 something team to build a product and deliver it globally. The acknowledgements and accolades they have received from renowned bodies, heads of states and prominent institutions across the globe is proof of their abilities and performance.

Encore is indeed proud to be associated with this team as not merely an investor but to bring the benefits of our extensive experience in building large organizations and the market reach we have across the globe.

The Globals investment, we believe, encapsulates our investment philosophy in totality, which is to provide money, management bandwidth and market access to energize, enhance and enlarge entrepreneurial early growth companies,” says Hari Padmanabhan, Chairman, Encore Operating Partners, Mauritius.

Touchbase Financial Services, Mumbai led by Mr. Mitterpal Suri and Mr. Anshul Khetan were the bankers for this transaction on behalf of Globals.

Globals was started by Suhas Gopinath at the age of 14 from an internet café and has grown into a multinational ICT consulting company. Suhas is also serving on the ICT Board of the World Bank Group and World Economic Forum Advisory Board.

The company has developed various products such as educationERP.net™, which is a Software-as-a-Service based enterprise system for K-12 educational institutions to manage the student lifecycle, administration of the school, staff management, payroll, fees, timetabling and more. educationERP.net is deployed in more than 150 schools across India, Singapore and Mauritius.

“We have offered educationERP.net as a pay per student per month model, which enables educational institutions to streamline their administrative and academic process. Globals will use these funds to build cloud based products in the Education Space” notes Suhas.

Apart from educationERP.net, Globals is launching eBag – low cost tablet PCs for Students and teachers in India, Middle East and Africa – and also an Online Teacher Training Platform.


Globals was started in the year 2000 by Suhas Gopinath (now 24-years-old) at the age of 14 from a cyber cafe in Bangalore. Globals has grown exponentially from a small home office to a globally recognized multinational company offering world-class quality solutions in Web, e-Commerce, and Mobile technology. Today, Globals develops mission critical applications on the web for various sectors including Education, Finance and Governments.


1886 Investments Limited is the investment arm of the Commonwealth Education Trust founded in 1886 by the Prince of Wales, UK. The Commonwealth Education Trust develops innovative resources for Primary and Secondary Education across the Commonwealth.


Encore Operating Partners aims to create an ecosystem that transforms entrepreneur-led early growth companies, to high performance, sustainable high growth organization(s), to deliver significantly higher value to all stakeholders, consistently. Encore invests in IT and ITES companies in the ‘ early growth’ phase. It Is founded by Mr. Hari Padmanbhan, former CEO of ICICI Infotech, Middle East, Mr. Sribaschha Joshi, former CFO of ICICI Infotech, Middle East, and Mr. Maninder Bhandary.


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