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Improve Business Productivity by Eliminating the Cost of Missing Files

Businesses accumulate and process thousands of paper files. Do you know where your file is at any time? Does your staff know?

It is critical that your office knows exactly where your files are at all times. With the documentation necessary for managing files and with multiple staff handling the same files, your office cannot afford to lose crucial information due to lost files.

TrackFile – based on RFID technology – can help your business by speeding up the time to locate any file – and even prevent the loss of critical files. This intelligent business solution allows check in and check out of documents and it will also enable smooth workflow based document processing.

The easy-to-use TrackFile business solution gives you the tools you need to systematically track, locate, and manage files – quickly and easily. It allows staff to be ready for deadlines with critical information that is needed, eliminating duplicate files and version-control file issues. In addition to improving productivity and saving time, you’ll have the up-to-date location on every file you maintain – in the office or in records archives.

The solution can be adapted to meet government or institutional standards for file archival. Along with increased productivity, TrackFile eliminates the cost of recreating missing files, and provides a substantial return on investment.

Key Features

Workflow Management

Improve Business Productivity by Eliminating the Cost of Missing Files

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