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A truly Hands-Free Access Control Business Solution

Employee time and attendance management can be a complicated and time consuming task for any business. Manual record-keeping processes and traditional bar code read-out badges are error-prone and inaccurate.

TrackPeople is a hands-free access control business solution with many advantages over traditional badges and systems. With conventional systems, such as bar code, magnetic stripe, and proximity readers, your staff must handle the badge and place it close to or make physical contact with the reader.

TrackPeople applies RFID access control technology that eliminates the need to handle the badge or walk very close to the reader. This freedom is valuable to handicapped workers, when carrying packages, and during harsh weather conditions. Automated time and attendance tracking can play the dual role of smart access control in all sensitive areas.

Key Features

Time and Attendance Tracking

Visitor Management

A truly Hands-Free Access Control Business Solution

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