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Maximize your Vehicle Fleet’s Performance – and Minimize Cost

Vehicle fleet management is a complex business challenge that requires care and attention – and without operational efficiency it can send your costs spiraling upwards.

TrackVehicle is a multi-technology business solution that helps you manage large vehicle fleets by tracking vehicles in real-time with high efficiency. Comprehensive and user-friendly interfaces, maps and vehicle control modules provide a data-rich environment to put you in ‘complete control’ of your mobile assets.

It combines three powerful technologies – GPS (Global Positioning System), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and RFID – to deliver an end-to-end tracking service of all vehicles in a fleet.

TrackVehicle is much more than a vehicle tracking system. It can work in multiple media and, when integrated with other applications, it can be custom-designed into unique vehicle management solutions. It can be flexibly upgraded to deliver real business benefits that make financial sense.

It combines vehicle tracking, data management and security systems – delivering real-time data and instant visibility – all of which helps you maximize your fleet’s performance and minimize cost.

Key Features

Vehicle Identification

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Maximize your Vehicle Fleet’s Performance – and Minimize Cost

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