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Flexible Trade Finance Banking Solutions to Enable Your Business to be Future-Ready

Trade Finance is one of the traditional forms of banking. With the advent of reforms and liberalization, trade finance has gained new momentum. Many of the practices in trade finance have evolved over a period of time and are guided by the International Chamber of Commerce through various guidelines such as UCP600, ISBP, etc.

To succeed in today’s global marketplace, exporters must offer their customers attractive sales terms and trade products supported by the appropriate payment method to win sales against foreign competitors. As getting paid in full and on time is the primary goal for each export sale, an appropriate payment method must be chosen carefully to minimize the payment risk – while accommodating the needs of the buyer.

There are various methods of payments available for international trade transactions. During or before contract negotiations, it is advisable to consider which method is mutually desirable for both importers and

There are a many ways in which banks can service and facilitate corporate customers on their trade business (domestic and cross-border) for a fee or charge.

A reputed bank typically offers trade services such as:

In trade business, each of these products has different types, processing, typical workflows, and distinctive characteristics.

For example, a Letter of Credit (LC) as a secured product consists of Import LC, export LC, transferable LC, confirmation LC, back-to-back LC, etc., and each of these products has a different view of the LC business in trade services.

Like LCs, Documentary Collections and Guarantees too are associated with various types and processes such as Import, Export, Clean Collections, Shipping Guarantees, Bid Bond Guarantees, Retention Guarantees, Advance Payment Guarantees, etc.

Misys TI & MTP Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

Trade Finance Services on a Pay-per-use SaaS Model

Encore Theme (a preferred partner of Misys) offers enterprise applications to clients on a SaaS model across the Middle East and African regions. This innovation is in addition to other IT services such as Business Analysis, Product Support, Implementation, Testing, etc.

Based on years of banking product development expertise, Misys has designed a dedicated Trade Finance banking solution – TI PLUS (Trade Innovation Plus) and MTP (Misys Trade Portal). Now TI PLUS and MTP are available to customers as SaaS – entirely based on a pay-per-use concept.

Key Benefits

Trade Finance Business with Misys TI PLUS and MTP

The key benefit that any bank expects from a Trade Finance banking solution is flexibility.

TI Plus is a flexible back office solution designed to satisfy the processing and maintenance requirements of the Trade Finance unit of a bank.

MTP’s key focus as a web-based front-end tool is to help the banks (and their clients) to improve their Trade Finance processes and to reduce transaction costs – thereby driving up revenue per transaction and general profitability of operations.

Products handled in TI Plus and MTP

Features of TI PLUS

Features of MTP

Misys TI Plus and MTP are fully complied with SWIFT standards and UCP600 guidelines issued by the International Chamber of Commerce. TI Plus is open to interfaces and can be easily integrated with banks existing core banking legacy systems.

Other Services from Encore Theme

In addition to the SaaS services, Encore Theme also provides the following services to its clients across the region.

Encore Theme has a team of professional Trade Finance domain experts to help banks learn more about TI Plus and MTP. Our team, with deep business knowledge on Trade Finance across the region, will study and assess your bank’s trade business and assist in choosing the right trade solution.

Flexible Trade Finance Banking Solutions to Enable Your Business to be Future-Ready

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