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Transforming Corporate Energy into Visionary Value

Our Vision

Encore’s vision is to bring together best-in-class, complementary, technology-enabled business solutions and proven capabilities into a unique Encore Business Service Ecosystem.

The Encore Business Service Ecosystem will enable our customers to achieve rapid revenue growth at incrementally lower costs, and to achieve scale with higher profitability.

Our Values

Our customers are the reason for our existence. So the Encore Business Service Ecosystem will always aim to delight them by exceeding their expectations. Our work is passion-driven and we never hesitate to go that extra mile to deliver results on time. Teamwork, transparency and integrity guide all our actions.

Our Strategy

Encore’s strategy will be woven around a unique EnPower collaboration platform. EnPower will create and enhance a work culture that enables Encore to produce better and better results each time our mission is taken ahead.

Built on a knowledge management foundation, EnPower has four distinct components – methods, measurement, merging and mastery.


Templates and process flows for everyday work content (ranging from pre-sales conversations to customer requirements to architectured solutions to bug fixes and beyond)


Project management and tracking, performance management and business intelligence that combine to measure, report, escalate and inform various levels of management to induce timely corrective action, build transparency and a strong performance culture.


A seamless virtual work culture that brings together all the stakeholders of a particular task to collaborate and merge their work ideas and processes inside a common vision. The idea of merging is to have powerful conversations WITH – rather than merely talk TO – others. Merging would also dramatically eliminate rework and time extensions.


Marketing, product and practice management that are enriched by our ever-growing base of internal knowledge – going all the way from customer interactions to implementation successes and challenges, and from problems faced to solutions found – to align and grow consistently – year after year.

Transforming Corporate Energy into Visionary Value

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